Midtown (North-West View)


Located on the North-West corner of the Denali Towers office building, this camera shows us a general view of Downtown Anchorage to the north-west.  Visible in this picture is a residential area in the foreground, the Chester Creek Greenbelt, our downtown high-rise buildings (yes, we have some), Cook Inlet and the Knik Arm in the background.  The street that runs diagonally across the picture from the middle left to the upper right of the picture is 'A' street. Running parallel to 'A' street and further left is 'C' street.

Extra Bonus:  On a clear day, you will be able to see Mount McKinley in the distance to the right of the high-rise buildings.  Mount McKinley is so tall, it is visible from Anchorage over a distance of almost 150 miles.

If you'd like to sponsor a camera or have a location suggestion, please send an email to info@borealisbroadband.net.

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Camera provided by TecPro