Mount Baldy - Trail View


Our Eagle's Nest radio facility provides this view of one of the more popular scenic areas in Southcentral Alaska.  Mount Baldy is about 15 miles North-East of Anchorage, above Eagle River.  It rises to an elevation of 3,281 feet above sea level.

This trail system is used by Moose, Bears, dog walkers, hikers and even para-gliders, launching themselves off the mountain from the left side of the frame.  An experienced hiker can get up and down the visible trail system in about two hours - the spectacular panoramic view being worth every bit of effort (see our other Eagle River cam for a taste).

Use this cam to check the weather, enjoy the view and as always, keep an eye out for Bigfoot!

We're also very suspicious of that tree.  We think it's going to make its move any time now . . .

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Camera provided by TecPro