3rd Avenue North View - Saturday Market

  This camera is located on top of the 4th Avenue Marketplace, looking north.  At the bottom of the image is 3rd Avenue, running east and west.  Just behind 3rd Avenue is a parking lot which is used in the summer to host the Anchorage Market & Festival (aka Saturday Market), where hundreds of vendors sell a wide variety of Alaskan-made goods and food from all over the world.  The Market operates every weekend from May through September.

The large building in the middle is the Alaska Railroad Depot (aka Anchorage Depot).  Visible behind the railroad is the Port of Anchorage, the Cook Inlet and the Knik Arm.

On a clear day, you can even see Mount Denali, North America's tallest mountain.  It is located over 130 miles north of Anchorage and reaches an impressive 20,310 feet in height.  (Above sea level - looking at you, Mauna Kea!).

There are several events which happen throughout the year in view of this camera such as the Saturday Market, Carnivals, Fur Rondy and the annual Iron Dog Flying Iron Snowmachine show.

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Camera provided by TecPro